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Music Weekend

I still don’t think I’ve completely recovered from this last weekend. Still need sleep! Three shows in two days that all began last Friday night in Nashville at The Rutledge with Fred Shafer. We had an awesome crowd and man…did Fred and the boys pour it on! I got to do my BGV thang (back ground vocals) and had a ton of fun doing it. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! We are hoping to do that more often, so if you missed it, you’ll get another chance very soon.

Then Saturday morning, bright and early, we drove to Findlay, Ohio for a show at Coffee Amici. If you’ve never been there, Amici is this groovy little coffee shop in downtown Findlay that features live music a few times a week. Fred and I did our singer-songwriter thang and then headed over to Nino’s bar and did the rock-n-roll thang with the band. Again, AWESOME crowds! Findlay always makes us feel welcome and we can never wait to go back. After the bar closed, we ended up having a bonfire at Mark’s uncle’s house and hung out with our friends and fam. Definitely went to be at 5am!!

The weekend ended with a breakfast gathering and an afternoon cookout with a nap or two here and there, then we drove back to Nashville on Monday to resume our normal lives. Ha!

I have a couple of videos from the Amici Show that I will post to YouTube soon, so be on the lookout!

Can’t wait to do more shows! Love you guys!



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