Hey everyone,

Updates updates and more updates! I haven’t blogged in a while and as you can see I’ve switched my blog from blogspot to wordpress. So if you were a follower of the blogspot before, please switch and be a follower on this one! And tell your friends…thank you.

I guess the latest news is that my website autumnmcentire.com is finally up and running! Yeah!!! I’m fantastically excited about it because it’s the perfect way for you guys to keep in touch and let you know what’s going on. You’ll find all of my music, as an artist and a songwriter, pictures, updates, merchandise store, show dates, and all the fun music and social pages you can join. So please check it out often and spread the word to your peeps who you think will enjoy my music. And thank you in advance for that!

For those of you who follow my Facebook and Twitter updates, you might have noticed I have been traveling A LOT for my new job. Aside from my music, I am also in the fashion industry. I’ve been working as a merchandise coordinator for a clothing line since April doing store visits  traveling from Ohio down to Florida, Arkansas to the Carolinas. It’s been really fun for me thus far. I am working on dropping a few acoustic shows in here and there a long the way, so please keep an eye on my tour dates page on the website to see if I’m coming to your town!

Lastly, I am currently writing for my next album which (I think) will be an acoustic record. It will include some old and some new songs with broken down, simple production. Hopefully it’ll be a very chill, easy, sit in the dark and drink wine kind of a record. I’m pumped! Fred Shafer will have quite a bit to do with this record as well, which is very exciting! If you don’t know who Fred is please check out http://www.fredshafer.com and come out from under that rock where you’ve been!

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on with me lately. Please keep in touch guys…I love hearing from you all! And please check out the website autumnmcentire.com and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for listening,

autumn 🙂