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“I wouldn’t go back…I wouldn’t change time. If I had the chance again, I wouldn’t make you mine. But ooo, there are moments every now and then…”

No regrets, the past is the past, I’ve moved on…but then again. “Get To Me” is one of those kinds of songs. From a very early age, we develop our ability to love and be loved every time we let someone into our lives and into our hearts. The way we choose to love them and be loved by them directly affects that ever-developing ability in either a positive or negative way. Then when they go, we take that experience and sew it into the capacity of how we love the next person. But that previous experience, that person, never really goes away.

I wrote this song with my friend Fred Shafer (www.fredshafer.com). I had most of the lyrics already written when I brought him the idea. Then Fred put his spin on the melody and chord progression and added the turn-around melodic hook which completed the song perfectly! I’m so glad I chose Fred, although I never regret choosing Fred. I love all of the songs we’ve written together (60 Seconds, Into the Ground, While You’re Gone, Last Song, etc.). It just works. 🙂

So, that is a little “behind the music” info about the inspiration for “Get To Me”. If you haven’t picked it up, you can still purchase my new EP “Summer of Eleven” on my web-site (www.autumnmcentire.com) for $4.99, or download it on iTunes, Amazon, or CDbaby.com.

Thanks so much for listening and thank you for all of the comments and reviews for this new batch of songs! Makes my heart happy. 🙂




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