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Hello everyone!

We are officially underway with making my new CD, a 5 song mini-record, or EP as they call it these days. 🙂 It’s been a while since I have released new music (2008)…a LONG while! For this record, I have recruited an old college friend of mine, Ginger Ludlow, to help me record. Ginger is a self-made, super-talented producer who has a lovely little studio in the basement of her home (soooo Nashville!). I played Ginger about 15 songs that I have written over the last several years and out of those we chose 5 to record and release this coming Fall. If all goes well, our plan is to release another EP in the Spring to give you guys more music, more often! We are currently in the middle of track number three. Track titles will be released once we’re all finished and ready to go though many of you will recognize a few of these songs from my live shows. 🙂

Last Monday, I had a photo shoot with Evin Krehbiel (Evin Photography) for the EP photos and artwork. Evin happens to be my sister-in-law so it was extra fun to hang with her and watch her work. She’s super talented as well! We shot in downtown Franklin (just south of Nashville) at one of my favorite little hang’s, 55 South. A few behind-the-scenes shots are shown below, but the official photos will be out in a few months. Can’t wait for you guys to see them!

So, stay tuned for more news…release date, track list, pre-orders, web-site changes, give-aways, show dates, and more! Also, see my website (http://www.autumnmcentire.com) and my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/autumnmcentiremusic) for our Autumn McEntire T-SHIRT CLOSE OUT SALE we have going on.

As always, thanks for listening. 🙂



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